Save Money On Taxes

State Nicotine Tax

As business owners and consumers, we've come to understand that no stone goes un-turned when it comes to states getting their tax revenue, and although the e-cigarette industry as a whole is relatively new, it's no surprise that many states have begun taxing e-cigarette products(More specifically, nicotine-containing liquids). These nicotine taxes come in a few different forms; percentage of wholesale price, percentage of retail price, or a dollar amount per mL. 

Nicotine Tax by state

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How Does Nic'it Make A Difference?

While there are different ways in which each state with a nicotine excise tax calculates the amount, one things remains the same- The tax remains on the products that contain nicotine. That is where Nic'it can save both business owners and consumers money down the line. You can either opt to purchase short-fill or concentrates from a company and use Nic'it as a means to add the nicotine, or you can simply take a 0mg bottle of liquid, empty 10ml from the bottle, and add the Nic'it to it. Either way, this leaves the tax portion of the sale on the Nic'it only which is not only cheaper(for the states that have a percentage tax on the bottle price) but also keeps the number of taxable mL down to 10ml in states that have a tax per mL of nicotine-containing liquid.