Short-fills, Long-Fills, Aromas and Flavor Shots

For European customers, short-fills, long-fills and aromas(also called flavor shots) have become a way of life in the vape marketplace. This due to the EU's regulatory institution called the TPD(Tobacco Products Directive) which restricts nicotine-containing e-liquids to 10ml bottles.The concept is very simple, but may take a new user a bit of explanation before fully grasping the "How To" portion of these products. 


Short-fills are essentially a 60ml, 0mg e-liquid that is only filled to 50ml in order to allow customers to add a 10ml nicotine shot or nicotine booster like Nic'it to the bottle.

How to use Nic'It

This same thing is sometimes done with 120mL bottles filled to 100ml with 0mg eliquid, in which case 2 x 10mL nic shots or nic boosters are added and then mixed in. In any case where you are adding a nic shot or nic booster to a bottle, be sure to shake vigorously until the liquid is fully clouded with bubbles to ensure that the nicotine is as evenly dispersed as possible.


Long-fills are a similar concept to short-fills, except that the bottle only contains the flavoring portion of the liquids WITHOUT the VG, PG, or Nicotine. So in many cases, a 60ml long-fill bottle will only come with 20mL of flavoring in it. The customer then adds a nicotine shot like Nic'it and then tops the bottle off with VG, or a mix of VG and PG(depending on the desired consistency) 

Aromas/Flavor Shots

Flavor shots and aromas are the most "DIY" version of these products. Where the past two products both come in the same bottle that the customer will be using to drip or fill their tanks, the aromas and flavor shots are typically 30mL bottles with only the flavor part of the liquid and are meant to be put into a larger bottle to combine with the nic shot and VG/PG. SO for this option, the customer will have to be sure to mix the product according to instructions, and will have to have an empty bottle to combine all the different parts in.