The Customized Step-Down Process

A large majority of vape and e-cigarette users have looked to vaping as an alternative to conventional cigarettes or other tobacco products. Many of these users, looking for a method of eventually quitting all nicotine consumption altogether, have used the different level of nicotine to step down in level over time until the nicotine consumption is at 0.


Standard Freebase Nicotine Strengths:




12mg/mL (Less common)


Standard Salt Nicotine Strengths:




The problem with the "standard" nicotine strengths is the large jump in milligram level between strengths. For example- Someone who is used to vaping a 6mg/mL liquid may find it difficult to step down to a 3mg/mL e-liquid because the jump leaves a large difference in overall experience. 

This is where Nic'it Comes In

For that person having a hard time going from 6mg/mL to 3mg/mL, a small amount of Nic'it can be added to each tank of 3mg to raise the nicotine level to a level higher than a 3mg, but less than a 6mg. Now, this will be largely a subjective experience, but the overally goal will be to use less and less of the nic'it in each tank until 3mg/mL is satisfactory without any additional nicotine.